Tip the Scales

Brand Identity, Campaign, Marketing Collateral, Motion, Naming, Strategy, Web & Mobile

Campaign Strategy and Graphics

Tip the Scales was a political campaign aimed at educating the general public and enlightening them to the issues that face NZ fisheries under the current quota management system. This needed to be done in a simple way that would engage the average person whether they liked fishing or not.

One of the 5 Principles videos we created and published on Facebook got a post reach of 432,000 with engagement of 40,000 and an increase in page likes of 550 during 1 week.

The campaign was a major success. The end result saw 16,000 sign ups in 4 weeks. The social media success lead to a total increase in page likes of 4,590. These figures show the increase in reach and therefore awareness was excellent. Especially considering how complex the situation is to understand.

Since then, (5 months) there has been steady growth of engagement on Facebook with a current post reach  of 1.4 million with over 200,000 engaged on average.