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LegaSea identity was developed to represent the actions of the organisation and give people a symbol of that effort to stand behind and be proud of. Just as fish will come together into what is known as a “meatball” to protect themselves from predators through safety in numbers, the design was developed to represent “the coming together of the people” to protect the fisheries for future generations. This concept was combined with the feel of the recycling symbol to add value to the concept of being ecologically minded while coming together for a good cause.


CF-LegaSea-Full-logo InfographCF-LegaSea-Full-PUB CF-LegaSea-Flag


LegaSea is the public outreach brand of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. They work to provide a strong voice for recreational fishers across New Zealand to take positive action for change. Promoting fisheries management practices that will rebuild depleted fisheries, reduce all forms of waste, dumping and illegal activity.

LegaSea is a collective of dedicated Kiwis working TOGETHER to achieve healthier fisheries and marine ecosystems, through better decision making and robust policies.