Comvita Brand Revitalisation

Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Motion, Photography, Strategy

Brand Identity & Guideline

Comvita as a business had recognised that it was time to revitalise the brand through bringing strategic focus around the consumer and structuring the values of the business in a way to help everybody achieve that focus, through consistent delivery of messages that answer the consumers needs.

There was a strong desire for an evolution of the logo rather than a full re-design. So the strategy we employed was to go for a minimal modernisation of the logo and delivered a comprehensive strategic brand guideline document outlining a graphic system, photographic strategy, tone of voice guideline and implementation examples for global use.

The system was then implemented and templated for ease of use allowing for quick and effective, “on brand” communications.


CF-CVT-Logo CF CVT 1920x1080_0011_Posters CF CVT 1920x1080_0014_Brand Guide 3CF CVT 1920x1080_0000_Layer 14 CF CVT 1920x1080_0001_Layer 13 CF CVT 1920x1080_0002_Layer 11 CF CVT 1920x1080_0003_Layer 10 CF CVT 1920x1080_0004_Layer 9 CF CVT 1920x1080_0005_Layer 8 CF CVT 1920x1080_0006_Layer 7 CF CVT 1920x1080_0007_Layer 6 CF CVT 1920x1080_0008_Layer 5 CF CVT 1920x1080_0009_Layer 4 CF CVT 1920x1080_0010_Layer 3 CF CVT 1920x1080_0015_Brand Guide 1 CF CVT 1920x1080_0016_Brand Guide 2CF CVT 1920x1080_0013_EXperience Comvita


This work was undertaken while working in-house as Lead Designer.